Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a HUMAN TURD, don'tcha know!

Okay. I have an apology to make. For being stupid.

And who was I stupid to?! The incredible Colin White! I have upset him! I have dishonoured the honourable name of honour!

Well, mostly I just disappointed him. But that's almost worse.

In my scramble to make our tiny zine fit into the affordable page numbers, I displaced his comic, while curiously forgetting to remove his name from the table of contents. (Thus my conclusion of becoming a human turd.)

So, even though I've already apologized to him personally, I needed to make this public.


**Reminder: Georgia is a human (turd, sometimes) who makes mistakes. A LOT. If she ever fucks up with you in the future, it is NOT a personal thing. She's just...busy, is all. And forgetful. And sometimes blind. And forgetful.

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