Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dreaded Deadline. (Yikes!)

Isn't it bizarre how the simple mention of a deadline can transform your most beloved activity into an entirely deplorable enterprise?
And how cleaning the dishes becomes an essential timely activity?
Or how the ceiling suddenly has a hugely appealing visual aspect?

Yes, it is strange that the labour part of the love becomes over-pronounced in the face of deadlines.
So I will suggest some things that help me and maybe they will help you too.

1. NO excuses.
Seriously, you already cleaned the dishes. It is time to get to work.

2. Mildly distract yourself for a brief moment by dressing up.
Yes, that is right. You should wear something unusual. This will give a physical element of fun to the tasking at hand. And maybe if you are working from home, and say, wearing pink underwear and a demon mask- then all of those possible excuses/distractions outside of the home will be written off because you aren't dressed for the outdoors. Right? Unless you like attention and pointed fingers (at you).

3. Rewards.
We all love rewards.
Set goals. Tell yourself that if you finish this much by such and such time on such and such day, that you can go out for some dinner, watch some great movie, take a nap, buy some more Pokemon. Whatever you want.

Okay. Good luck.

And remember the deadline for gangLion issue 3 is December 15th!

Friday, November 20, 2009

gangLion Tour!

What do lions do in the winter?

Hibernate? Sleep? Hide in some indoor zoo?

Well NOT gangLION!

gangLion TOUR!

gangLion is spreading our wintery roar to three cities early February. As you may or may not have heard we will be touring from our home-base at Toronto to Kingston and Montreal! We will be launching our 3rd Issue as well as spreading our might to Queen's University and Concordia University from February 3rd-6th, 2010! Do you have some nice contacts in Kingston or Montreal? Do you think you can lend us a hand or join us on these touring dates? If so drop us a line at our email at

While we are talking about dates, do we all remember that extra special date coming within the month? Anyone?

Its the Official Issue 3 Deadline!

That's right! It’s time for you to start scratching that pen against the paper or clicking that mouse, if you haven't already because the deadline is less than a month away on Tuesday December 15, 2009! Please send us an update on your progress and if you need any help or feedback. We are always here to help!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun? Fun!

gangLion comics ventured to Montreal this past weekend for EXPOZINE.
Let me tell you...


as well as coffee, samosas, and lovely people.
It was loads of fun.

Between the heat of the crowd and buying temptations, we spread the word that gangLion's gang is pretty awesome and always looking for enthusiastic contributors.

We also ensured that a couple hundred more people are now sporting lions on their lapels.
Are you?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got questions? We got answers!

Wondering when the next gangLion meeting is happening? Itching to show us your works in progress? Wanting that extra prodding to motivate you to meet our Issue 3 submission deadline? Have you ever wondered 'when exactly is that deadline'?

Well wonder no longer, as intern Bonnie has got all the answers!

Our next gangLion meeting is this Monday, November 16th at 7pm at the gangLion lair (Georgia's place at 48 Oakwood Ave). Please bring any works in progress which you have for the Issue 3 submission - we're talking written drafts, scribbled layouts, polished pieces and anything else you might have. Also please make a special note or drawing on your calendars to remind you that Tuesday December 15, 2009 is our Issue 3 submission deadline!

Remember that our ganglion meetings are a great place to get feedback, advice and ask questions regarding the submissions. The team, other contributors and our library are among the many resources that are available at your disposal.

Please email us to let us know whether you can make it to the meeting or not. Knowing the numbers helps us prepare possible activities during these meetings!

With cheers and roars,

Bonnie Ann Lee

Monday, November 9, 2009

news, schmews

Now you can also find gangLion comics at the new Artists Consignment shop RePsycho -located at 676 College St. right here in Toronto!

In addition to the gangLion line of comics, they house a variety of art through a variety of mediums.. get over there.

AND don't forget about gangLion at Expozine in Montreal this up and coming weekend.
We'll be there.
Where will you be?!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Books in the New Library!

As many of you may have read in THE SHORT ISSUE, recently distributed at Canzine in Toronto, gangLion has opened up a humble comics library for those involved with the publication. In it you will find classic comics, how-to books, experimental comics, and certainly plenty of local artists! It is housed at gangLion Headquarters and is available most readily at meetings (but you can also book appointments).

That said, we have just added a whack of new books! To check out what we've got, click here.


gangLion @ EXPOZINE!

Its just a few days after Canzine and we are already gearing up for EXPOZINE2009! That means we are going to ramp up those gangLion button assembly lines, pack up our heavy-duty gangLion gear and clear our throats before we will take our ROAR to Montreal!

Expozine, Montreal's annual small press, comics and zine fair, will take place at 5035 St-Dominique (in Montreal, of course) on Saturday November 14 and Sunday November 15. Admission is also free! If you would like more information on this massive event that is considered North America's largest small press fairs just check out their website.

If you are also planning to head over to Expozine or will be in Montreal at that time, please feel free to contact us (So we gangLions can stick together!).


Monday, November 2, 2009

What a day!

A gangLion gang of 7 owned the southwest corner of the second floor at the Gladstone Hotel for Canzine 2009 yesterday afternoon. Crowds upon crowds of people flooded in and out of the room from 1pm- 7pm. It was uncomfortably warm and incredibly successful.

Hopefully you are reading this post, as you are one of the many who took interest in a lion on a button - for free(!) - and now you have come to our designated website. Well, welcome. And if you've been here before, welcome back. And if you don't even know what I am talking about, it doesn't really matter anyway.

The importance is that gangLion comics is your resource for a supportive and flavourful collective of comics artists.
So.. reach out (, our arms are open.