Friday, December 18, 2009

The gangLion Lion Stalks Toronto!

Each stroke of the pen brush quivers his soft whiskers. The crumble of pages tickles his side, and the clicking of the mouse twitches his relaxed ears. With a slow and lumbering movement he finally arches his back and spreads out his paws into a satisfying stretch. His gentle face wrinkles and tightens up as his jaw pulls open into a long YAAAaaawwwwn.

You have done it again. With your collective synergies, your hard work, your devotion to your comics and ultimately your drive to transition those lofty and vague ideas in your imagination into a tangible reality, the gangLion Lion can finally walk the streets again.

Sure he can be a lazy beast, awakening generally semi annually, yet when he makes those strides out of our gangLion lair and sniffs at the air -- we know that we did it. Its this mighty beast that will release that rallying cry so its little cubs can start working hard to put together the new issue.

So thank you for devoting your hard work by putting brush to paper, mouse click to screen, and intertwining imagination with pencil stroke. That is what keeps our gangLion awake and our passions in another full cycle of blooming and fruition.

I am sure that some drawing hands are still numb from any last second pushes before the deadline, however I would like invite you to tell us about the process story of this particular piece, or any other piece that was done for any gangLion issue. How did your creative thoughts turn into its tangible comic form in gangLion? What inspirations conjured your ideas, or changed their direction. And also please let us know how we can help out with improving your future processes?

So while our gangLion Lion is hunting out a certain overweight elf next week, sit back and enjoy the wintry holiday. Place that hand in an icepack and maybe fulfill that dare to lick that lamp post. But not for too long! Because in a short while we will need your creative synergies again to help summon the gangLion Lion out again and to help turn that idea into another comic!

Please send us your stories or any laments about your comic submission to this deadline or any other gangLion issue.