Friday, July 31, 2009


gangLion comics will be at Word on the Street this year!

1pm-2pm: No Rules, No Budget, All Fun! How and why you should make comics! – 60 Minutes

There are as many ways to make comics as there are comics out there! Whether you write or draw, make your own photocopied books or publish professionally, or you’re totally new to the medium but with a story to tell, you can make comics! Our speakers will each outline the process that they take to create comics and how you can do it too. Plus, following the panel each of our speakers will be available for one-on-one consultation and to answer your questions about creating comics. Speakers include:

- Georgia Webber, discussing the comics collective and peer-support group gangLion.

- Ruth Tait, an illustrator/cartoonist who will discuss her digital comics creating process

- stef lenk, a visual artist who has just completed a do-it-yourself comics creation guide and primer and will share her tips and advice on self-publishing.

So we want to have buttons for this momentous occasion! And we want YOU to design them!

CONTEST OFFICIALLY CLOSES Sunday August 23rd at 11pm.

You may email your submissions, but if you don't have a scanner, feel free to drop off a paper submission (maximum dimensions: 5"x5") at gangLion headquarters: 125 Albany Avenue.

The buttons created from the contest will be 1" in diameter.

>>>There will be THREE WINNERS, all of whom will receive a bottle of wine and a collection of zine comics!

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON Tuesday, September 1st at the LULLABY ARKESTRA CD Release Party! More details to come!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Issue Two is on the Move!

As of today, July 4th, 2009, I have given up my laziness for the good of the zine. Now you can buy it in stores!

Nothing fancy, I'll have you know - JUST THE BEST TWO COMIC BOOK STORES IN THE CITY, THAT'S ALL!

DRAGON LADY COMICS (609 College St.) and The Beguiling (centre of the universe) now carry our wares - and proudly. They sold out of the copies I gave them of the first issue, so now they're restocked and ready to receive your business! Also, The Beguiling, who recently took charge of the National Gallery's bookstore (the MOCCA), has chosen our zine from among their prolific collection to display! YAY!

So get out there and mess shit up! I mean, buy some good stuff! If you like it. And if you can afford it. YAY!