Saturday, July 4, 2009

Issue Two is on the Move!

As of today, July 4th, 2009, I have given up my laziness for the good of the zine. Now you can buy it in stores!

Nothing fancy, I'll have you know - JUST THE BEST TWO COMIC BOOK STORES IN THE CITY, THAT'S ALL!

DRAGON LADY COMICS (609 College St.) and The Beguiling (centre of the universe) now carry our wares - and proudly. They sold out of the copies I gave them of the first issue, so now they're restocked and ready to receive your business! Also, The Beguiling, who recently took charge of the National Gallery's bookstore (the MOCCA), has chosen our zine from among their prolific collection to display! YAY!

So get out there and mess shit up! I mean, buy some good stuff! If you like it. And if you can afford it. YAY!

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