Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got questions? We got answers!

Wondering when the next gangLion meeting is happening? Itching to show us your works in progress? Wanting that extra prodding to motivate you to meet our Issue 3 submission deadline? Have you ever wondered 'when exactly is that deadline'?

Well wonder no longer, as intern Bonnie has got all the answers!

Our next gangLion meeting is this Monday, November 16th at 7pm at the gangLion lair (Georgia's place at 48 Oakwood Ave). Please bring any works in progress which you have for the Issue 3 submission - we're talking written drafts, scribbled layouts, polished pieces and anything else you might have. Also please make a special note or drawing on your calendars to remind you that Tuesday December 15, 2009 is our Issue 3 submission deadline!

Remember that our ganglion meetings are a great place to get feedback, advice and ask questions regarding the submissions. The team, other contributors and our library are among the many resources that are available at your disposal.

Please email us to let us know whether you can make it to the meeting or not. Knowing the numbers helps us prepare possible activities during these meetings!

With cheers and roars,

Bonnie Ann Lee

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