Saturday, June 27, 2009

Looking ahead.

So it's looking like we've got ourselves a spot at the Comics and Graphic Novels tent for Word on the Street!

To celebrate, we'll be publishing another issue in September in addition to the scheduled release in December. The only catch is that we have to pull it together very fast, and that means we're instating some guidelines:

Submissions to this issue MUST BE SHORT. We're saying less than five pages. Actually, less than three would be best. As for a theme, that's out the window. We want you to do whatever you want. Multiple submissions are also cool, but conside that we might not have space for all of them.

Also, the release in December is set to go as usual, also sans-theme. If your ideas can't be confined to two pages, consider working on a piece for this longer issue. If you're super ambitious, do both!

Meetings in Toronto will take place with the two schedules coming together, working simultaneously to acheive these two publishing goals. This will be a hell of a production period, and by the end of it, we're gonna have SO MUCH to show for it!

If you want to join in, now's the time. The short issue is not very demanding at all, so get in there and test the waters. If you like it, keep going! If not, we'll be glad to have had you at all.

So long! Calendar for meetings to be posted after Sunday's Meet'n'Greet.

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