Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowing Snowing Snowing

Finally proof that we are really in that wintery time of the year. The moment where the world of concrete, brick, steel and paint is swept by nature's giant arm turning everything into a blank canvass. Sure the wind chill isn't so hot and you might have melting snow in your boot, or maybe shoveling that excrement left behind by the snow plow left a crick in your back. But really if the idea to paint the city purple crosses your mind today you really should grab that paint bucket. I am sure purple shows up real well on snow.

As we head into the wintery wondery weekend I hope to see you folks at the Toronto Issue 4 kick off Tour at the BOAT, 9pm doors open 10pm show starts!

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  1. This is pretty gross, pretty amazing, and hardly related at all: