Friday, February 12, 2010

gangLion Tour Update

Thinking of joining our gangLion "city-surfing" Tour? Excited about our gangLion Toronto Tour launch party?

Grab a pen and paper or do your thang with your e-schedules as we have a couple of updates with our first gangLion tour!

We will now be launching in Toronto on March 1st at the Boat. Intelligence says that we have tagged Ghost Trees, Grandmother Willow (Georgia vouches for this guy), and LUMA (from First Rate People). Other confirmations to come.

March 2nd we will teleport into Kingston. The Guelph party hasn't been nailed down, yet. The rest of the schedule, however, remains as planned.

If you are interested in joining our multi-city adventure we encourage you to contact us ASAP!




  1. Sorry to correct you, but it's just LUM not LUMA.

  2. Ooh, a Pocahontas reference and an Urusei Yatsura reference.

    What is Ghost Trees referring to?